Web Applications

Although traditional desktop software is still highly prevalent, web applications are proving hugely popular and it's not just FTSE companies who are using them!

A web application differs from a normal application as it runs within the end-user web browser, such as Google Chrome. This offers huge flexibility without the requirement for a variety of stand-alone, native applications for each type of device or operating system.

Software Evolution

Not too long ago when an organisation required bespoke or off-the-shelf software it would be shipped by post for a local installation. Depending on the type of device and software platform on which it operates, different versions may need to have been supplied. Then with the advent of faster internet access, downloads were made available online which enabled easy updates with reduced logistical costs. However, multiple versions of the same software were still required, generally dependent on whether a customer was using Windows or Mac.

The Cloud

Cloud computing coupled with advanced web browser technology has enabled web developers to run software online with no requirement for a local install. This gives great flexibility as it is irrelevant which operating system is being used or on what type of device as long as they have a compatible web browser, generally Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc. Moving from desktop to mobile or tablet is seamless and gives users access to their data on the move with everything fully up to date upon their return to the office.

Who can benefit

Chances are you are already using web based applications within your business but if your core systems are still based locally then there are significant benefits in switching to the Cloud. Remote working, or working on the move are areas where the Cloud can make your business far more efficient. The ability to link your front facing website which is accessed by suppliers and customers into your operating systems in order to remove manual process and potential errors that can arise.

Discuss Cloud options today

If you feel that you company could benefit from switching to the Cloud or the creation of a bespoke web based software solution then please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or send an email and we will give you a call back at a suitable time.