Web Development

It all began in 1989 with a simple website from the research scientists at CERN, namely Tim Berners-Lee. Today everyone from a tradesman to a multinational corporation has a website to interact with their customers and suppliers.

Nobody doubts the importance of a website to a business and we continue to develop websites on a daily basis for our clients.

Responsive Design

All of our websites are now developed with responsive CSS that reacts to the device being used to provide the user with a layout that is easily digestible and functional. Anything less than responsive is simply not good enough and Google will penalise our search engine rankings as a result losing you valuable traffic.

Conversion Rates

As with any process, to ensure a high conversion rate it is essential that the user experience is as simple as possible. Optimisation for mobiles differs from tablet optimisation due to the size of the device and therefore the amount of content you are able to provide to your end user. Aspects such as device type and software platform can also provide opportunities and risk that should be handled correctly.

Analysis & Behaviour

By analysing your website traffic and user behaviour, comparing it to industry standards in your sector, we are able to recommend and employ solutions to ensure that conversion rates are increased. This maybe e-commerce sales, data capture, downloads or more. It is recognised within the industry that a highly optimised platform will provide better returns on investment especially if you are utilising pay per click marketing or search engine optimisation campaigns.

Discuss your new website

Whether its a brand new venture of an upgrade to an existing website don't hesitate to speak to one of our experts today to discuss the options available to you. Alternatively drop us an email and let us know a suitable time and we will call you back within office hours.