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API History & Benefits

APIs are enabling more advanced & better connected solutions API is the abbreviated term for an application program interface which is a set of routines, tools, and protocols for developing applications. An API specifies how the software components should interact. The joy of an API is that their increasing popularity and accessibility allows organisations to…
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Process Automation

Automating frequent business processes brings many benefits. Business process efficiency has been a desire of all company owners since the birth of commercialism and capitalism. If something can be done quicker or easier, the process of making money takes less time, so more money can be made. Every business around the globe has day to…
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Website Re-Launch

Welcome to the launch of our new website It's been due a while that's for sure! We've been so busy working on our clients websites, mobiles apps and technology start-ups that we neglected ourselves, it's a a common theme in the digital space that not only us but many of our competitors are guilty of…
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