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Digital Security

Digital security is the protection of your organisations digital assets including the tools you use to secure your identity, applications and technology in the online and mobile world. Cyrber Security has seen an upsurge in attacks on both individuals and companies by hackers with malicious motives, many incidents have been that high profile that they…
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Web Applications

Although traditional desktop software is still highly prevalent, web applications are proving hugely popular and it's not just FTSE companies who are using them! A web application differs from a normal application as it runs within the end-user web browser, such as Google Chrome. This offers huge flexibility without the requirement for a variety of…
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Web Development

It all began in 1989 with a simple website from the research scientists at CERN, namely Tim Berners-Lee. Today everyone from a tradesman to a multinational corporation has a website to interact with their customers and suppliers. Nobody doubts the importance of a website to a business and we continue to develop websites on a…
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