Tablet Apps

Applications, which are primarily developed for tablets, are generally reserved for commercial use. However an increasing number of platforms are offering tablet specific apps to their user base.

The tablet has revolutionised the way that some organisations work, specifically those with agents or engineers in the field. The ability to lose the bulk of a laptop and carry a slimline portable device capable of internet connectivity with inbuilt features such as voice recognition, GPS and camera/video is seen as a major positive. With this increased adoption of tablets, companies have been successful in developing their own applications for use by employees to assist in their day-to-day work based activities.

None Commercial Usage

As well as commercial use, tablets are also ideal for home use where the user requires a larger format display in order to digest more information. Examples of this can be found in gaming, finance and current affairs where a mobile device is often too small to be used with ease. Consumers now expect a specific tablet application to be available for the services and platforms that they enjoy using and it's essential that user experience and journey is considered when designing these.

Devices & Platforms

Developing for tablets has it's own set of unique parameters that you need to understand before any code is written. There is a large number of devices available within the marketplace and there are two key platforms, Apple iOS and Android which differ immensely. Windows is also nipping at the heels of the established two platforms for market share so should not be ruled out completely.

Develop a Tablet App

One of our experts can discuss the various options available to you and recommend a suitable tablet solution for your business or service. Alternatively drop us an email and let us know a suitable time and we will call you back within office hours.