Tablet Optimisation

In certain sectors tablets are the device of choice for visitors to websites within that market sector.

E-commerce retailers generally see high tablet usage within their Google Analytics from the so called sofa surfers who shop after a day at work with the television on in the background. Although much has been made of falling tablet sales as consumers make do with existing technology, tablet visitor statistics to websites is still significant.

Conversion Rates

As with any process, to ensure a high conversion rate it is essential that the user experience is as simple as possible. Optimization for tablets differs from mobile optimisation due to the size of the device and therefore the amount of content you are able to provide to your end user. Aspects such as device type and software platform can also provide opportunities and risk that should be handled correctly.

Analysis & Behaviour

By analysing your website traffic and user behaviour, comparing it to industry standards with your sector we are able to recommend and employ solutions to ensure that conversion rates are increased. This maybe e-commerce sales, data capture, downloads or more but it is recognised that highly optimised platform will provide better returns on investment especially if you are utilising pay per click marketing or search engine optimisation campaigns.

Optimising for Tablets

There is an ever increasing number of devices which have their own technical specifications and we have software to test compatibility across the board. In order to achieve the most success it is essential that you adhere to the various nuances between devices and operating systems to provide end users with a seamless interaction with your company online.

Get Optimised

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