Process Automation

Automating frequent business processes brings many benefits.

Business process efficiency has been a desire of all company owners since the birth of commercialism and capitalism. If something can be done quicker or easier, the process of making money takes less time, so more money can be made. Every business around the globe has day to day processes that assist it in achieving its goal and most business owners or senior staff are constantly keeping an eye on these processes and looking for ways to speed things up. It’s all about the bottom line right?

Analysis, Development, Deployment

At Digital Process Solutions we assist organisations by analysing their current methods and developing digital solutions before implementing them into the business’s operational workflow. This saves time, cuts down on staffing costs and most importantly lets the organisation transact more business on a day to day basis.

Most organisations have been making a valid attempt to be more efficient since the millennium when most adopted an online presence which enabled simple aspects such as data capture and the transfer of information to be far quicker than before. In recent years with the rise of mobile the rate at which business can be done has increased exponentially. We can now do business on the move from almost anywhere and even in our sleep.

The problem most businesses face is that they don’t understand what is possible or how to implement such a solution successfully. We also find that they are unaware of existing systems or the wealth of APIs that we have access to in order to obtain far richer information and further improve the process that a business is required to carry out.

It’s fundamentally important when looking to automate a process that a digital architect has both a commercial and technical skill set as well as being up to date with new technological solutions within the marketplace. What used to be reserved for CEOs at FTSE 250 and Fortune 500 companies is now fully available to SMEs at far lower costs than ever seen before and we are seeing an upsurge in smaller organisations looking to emulate the efficiency of their larger competitors.

Digital Process Automation

Why Use Us?

The problems faced are generally two fold. You have a business owner or commercial director with little technical understanding or an outdated view on tech that is unable to streamline the process without the help of a digital agency. Often however the digital agency will look to develop a system that they hold some bias toward for a multitude of reasons with little understanding of the business they are trying to assist. Without an internal technical department with the skills and tools to develop such solutions it’s often a difficult and potentially unrewarding task resulting in a system that is not much better that the original process it was trying to improve upon.

Digital Process Solutions USP is that it only employs technical staff with an acute business understanding. We bridge the gap between commercial and tech to provide solutions that are sustainable and scalable at prices that make process automation possible.