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Tablet Apps

Applications, which are primarily developed for tablets, are generally reserved for commercial use. However an increasing number of platforms are offering tablet specific apps to their user base. The tablet has revolutionised the way that some organisations work, specifically those with agents or engineers in the field. The ability to lose the bulk of a…
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Web Development

It all began in 1989 with a simple website from the research scientists at CERN, namely Tim Berners-Lee. Today everyone from a tradesman to a multinational corporation has a website to interact with their customers and suppliers. Nobody doubts the importance of a website to a business and we continue to develop websites on a…
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Mobile Apps

Platforms such as iOS and Android revolutionised the mobile phone with the advent of mobiles apps and app stores back in 2008 and gave users the flexibility to turn their devices into something relevant to them. At first Mobile apps were made available for productivity and information retrieval, this included the likes of email, contacts,…
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